Ribby Hall sessions

Would any members be interested in either an evening session or Sunday morning session - one hour - at Ribby Hall using the indoor stages cycling studio. Minimum ten riders at £5 a head would cover the basic cost (i have negotiated discount). Instructor led session would …Read more

CRC require new Time Trial Racers

The club is looking to rebuild it's time trial racing section and welcomes any enquiries to join us, new riders or members from other clubs also welcome, we now have a racing team set up with points targets whereby racers will be rewarded with free club kit life long while you …Read more

AGM News racing changes

Those of you who ride a few time trials or might be interested in trying a few out then read on.

(1) Our TT Awards have now been shortened and very much simplified, the only awards we now have are shown below. We now have a new single TT Championship based on points season long,…
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TT Changes

TT riders should see changes to the rules for 2017, point of elbow must not be more than 3cm front of steering axis and for Open events you must now also "sign out" see news/Newsletter CTT Matters December 2016 and to see all rules order your 2017 CTT Handbook through Shop

Awards Night report

cracking awards and hot pot evening last night, hot pot was top notch again and I could only manage one piece of cake after it, lots of cake and biscuits and drinks some great raffle prizes supplied by Paul Hewitt Cycles. Racing and general awards were presented and feedback …
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Awards Hot Pot Night

next Wednesday 8pm at our HQ: Annual awards for club members and racers, The Big Raffle and FREE Hot Pot, cake and drinks, members please bring good quality donations for the raffle and some donations towards the food, home made cake, mince pies all good. Start remembering …
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Bells Farm Lunch Reminder

Vets lunch (ex Bells Farm) next Tuesday.
N. B. 12.00 o' clock - on the dot - don't be late.
(ticket holders only.)

Icy Roads/pot holes

time of year now onwards with icy mornings so really consider if you need to ride at all, country lanes will always be a lot worse with more shelter and run-off water and damp dew and leaves. Roads will often now be wet and potholes flooded, remember standing water maybe covering …Read more

Club Officials

These are our club officals if you need assistance with anything.

President : Harry Colledge
Chairman :  Dave Balshaw
General Secretary : Stephen Anderson
Membership Secretar : Stephen Anderson
Treasurer :  Peter Shuttleworth
Records Sec : Dave Edge
Time Trial Sec : Derek…
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CTT Time Trial Proposals

our TT racing members might like to keep an eye on the national CTT Agenda and how the proposals go through or not. Important ones are the 3cm rule clarification which already exists, back of your elbow should not be more than 3cm beyond centre line of the front steering axis. …
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Night Out Report

Night Out ReportAnother great end of year night out at the No.1 Hotel, all seats were taken and good food, service and relaxed chilled atmosphere, after eating we retired to the comfortable lounge for more drinks and banter.

CRC Racing Team and Club Champs

Update from AGM
Regarding the two proposals, these are being worked on by the committee and hopefully we can announce something in near future.
Just a re-cap of what those were, to create a racing TT team section with more structure to it to encourage more to have a go and goals…
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Bike Video Cameras for members

The club is currently in the process of buying a front Fly12 and a rear Fly6 for our group rides to make use of. These are ideal for evidence of dangerous situations towards cyclists and also useful for taking still pics from post ride for posting on our pages. We envisage …Read more

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